We’re Unison: a better alternative to borrowing
Borrowing against your home equity can lead to more payments and more interest. Discover a better way with Unison.
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    Cash from your home

    Trade a portion of your home equity for cash, then use your funds how you want – from paying debt to funding retirement.

    For 30 years

    Live your life

    Create years of memories in your home, without monthly payments. Unison is your partner, here when you need us.

    When you sell

    Share the appreciation

    When it’s time to sell, we’ll share in the change in your home’s value. We win when you win.

    "With relief from Unison, we were able to pay down debt and allow more time at home with our child"
    Hermitage, TN
    “We used the funds to maintain our retirement and pay down our mortgage debt. Thank you Unison!"
    Las Vegas, NV

    $5.3 Billion

    the total value of homes we’ve invested in.

    We're co-investors, not lenders.

    We help unlock your home's equity in exchange for a portion of your home's change in value when you sell. Unlike borrowing against your home, there’s no extra debt, no interest, and no monthly payments involved.

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