October 8, 2019

Unison CEO Thomas Sponholtz's Big Idea | ThriveGlobal

As part of ThriveGlobal's series, Big Ideas That Can Change The World,, Christina Warner sits down with Unison CEO, Thomas Sponholtz to chat about the career path and personal experiences that led him to create the idea of home co-investing.

When asked about the potential impact Unison could have, Sponholtz shares, "Until now, consumers only had one way to buy a home or access the equity in their home and that was to take on more debt. I saw the opportunity to create a solution where people do not have to compromise these goals by utilizing this available capital. The way we do things is rapidly changing, especially with the rise of the sharing economy. What we do now is bring the ability and the control that comes with equity to homeowners in a new and better way so they can really create the experience of home that they want."

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