October 8, 2019

Unison Announces Triple-Digit Growth in Revenue & Customer Transactions in 2018, Reaching $2.42 Billion in Total Value of Co-Invested Residential Real Estate

SAN FRANCISCO — February 12,2019 — Unison, the nation’s leading provider of home ownership co-investments, announced today significant achievements from 2018 including 370% YoY revenue growth, 308% YoY growth in customer transactions, and $2.42 billion in total value of co-invested U.S. residential real estate ending in Q4 2018. The company’s ground-breaking co-investment model provides access to $15 trillion of equity in U.S. residential real estate as an asset class for institutional investors. The company then deploys funding to homebuyers and homeowners as equity-based investments in residential real estate through its HomeBuyer and HomeOwner products.

“Unison’s 2018 growth numbers point to a clear break from the debt-only status quo in residential real estate,” said Thomas Sponholtz, Unison’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The inevitable turning point has come, as an ever-increasing number of consumers are realizing that Unison’s equity-based solution is a far superior way to buy and own a home.”

Whether it is supplementing a down payment to buy a home, or unlocking existing home equity to pay off debt, to do a home remodel, or to fund a small business venture, Unison provides consumers with a breakthrough alternative to the antiquated, debt-based, loan models that have been the only options in the real estate marketplace for most of the past century. Unison co-invests with homebuyers and homeowners as a true partnership, without monthly payments, and without interest, since it is not a loan.

In addition to exponential growth in revenue and customer transactions, the viability and strength of Unison’s revolutionary, end-to-end co-investment business model was validated with the following results in 2018:

Expansion into nine additional U.S. states, bringing Unison’s total footprint to 22 states plus Washington D.C., reaching over 70 percent of U.S. single-family residential housing units

$40 million Series B round of funding led by F Prime Capital and joined by Citi Ventures, Royal Bank of Canada, and HOOPP

Launch of a new “5% Down Program” with Valley Bank and Goldwater Bank, that enables home buyers in select regions to contribute as little as 5% on their down payment through an equity partnership with Unison

Doubling of its employee headcount to over 100 full-time employees

Key executive hires, including Cari Jacobs, the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer and Jason Lin, the company’s first Vice-President of Growth Marketing

The addition of Christa Carone, President of Group Nine Media, as the company’s newest member of Unison’s board of directors