2017 Is a Record Year at Unison

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At Unison, what drives us everyday is our goal of bringing a new model of home finance to millions of Americans. We’re proud that we’ve expanded access to homeownership for our customers — and we’re just getting started.

As a company, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to continue growing quickly in 2017 and to make it even easier to partner with Unison. We have expanded into Illinois, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania over the last 12 months, and we are planning to add more states in the next 6 months. (See our full list of states here)

We also recently reached an exciting milestone that we wanted to share with our community:

In the last six months, we’ve processed over 10,000 inquiries for our HomeBuyer and HomeOwner programs via our pre-qualification tool and from our partner lenders and realtors.

Check out a snapshot of where people are interested in partnering with Unison below.


See our interactive map of all recent customer inquiries

Our pre-qualification process has gotten much easier in 2017, thanks to our hard-working engineering and web team. Customers can get pre-qualified in just 60 seconds.

The numbers above make it clear that we’re experiencing phenomenal growth. We’ve had customers come in from all over the country this year.

We’ve also been listening to our customers’ stories and sharing them with our readers. Here is one of our recent customer success videos, featuring Brian and Kristine from Chicago:

Unison Success Story

Watch their video here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

If you’re interested in learning more about how Unison is helping people all across the country, take a moment to see some of the other stories from customers who bought a home or unlocked home equity with Unison in 2017. And take a moment to see if you can pre-qualify.

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