7 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Transform Your Space

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Everyone needs a little time in their day to relax and refresh. What better place to do that than a newly remodeled bathroom? Whether you’re a DIYer or choose to rely on the expertise of a professional contractor, the ideas below can transform your space into an oasis that’s fit for royalty.

The real beauty of today’s trends is that you can mix and match finishes, textures, patterns and wood types as you like. In other words, eclectic is in! If you’re tired of struggling with that leaky faucet or can’t stand looking at your dingy bathtub, then it might be a good time to remodel.

Creative Storage

bathroom cabinet vanityIf it seems like you never have enough storage space in your bathroom, use the open vertical area in the room by placing a counter-top cabinet on the vanity or hanging a linen cabinet on the wall.

Open shelving is still a popular option for towel storage and can help a small bathroom look bigger.

Consider adding a freestanding or antique furniture cabinet in addition to a traditional vanity. This charming addition will warm up your room, give it new personality, and provide more room for toiletries. Or how about framing out some cubbies between the wall studs for a minimal cost and maximum storage?

Classic Colors

bathroom tile backsplash

Freshen up your bath with an old classic—white subway tile. Use it as a tub surround, in the shower, or as a backsplash over your vanity. It works well with any decor and can be formal or casual when paired with stylish accessories.

Use gray or black grout with white subway tile for a beautiful contrast as well as easy clean-up. Stains from mold and soap residue will be limited with dark grout. Monochrome colors have been trending for some time now. They create a clean, fresh visual that can be enhanced with a splash of color.

High-Tech Showers

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As with every other room in your home, more and more high-tech products are becoming available for the bathroom. For a super-relaxing treat, how about adding spa-style water jets and rain spouts to your shower or tub?

If you have a daily struggle with water that’s too hot or too cold, you might love these new digital shower controls. Now you can replace your traditional faucet set with a smooth, space-saving interface unit to select a precise water temperature with the push of a button.

If you find yourself scrubbing the water spots and fingerprints off your bath faucet every time someone uses it, you might want to consider switching it out for a touch-free automatic sensor faucet. They come in a variety of stylish finishes to match any decor too.

For a full sensory experience, you might even want to include cool light effects that use programmable LED mood lighting to create a calming color spectrum. Chromatherapy units use color therapy cycles in the tub or shower to balance your energy. You’ll never want to leave the room!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with a window in your bathroom? Love the natural light shining in but hate the lack of privacy? Use adhesive film to make the glass opaque or transparent. It can be cut to fit your specific window size.

New-Age Fixtures

If that powder blue porcelain sink and aluminum-framed medicine cabinet are ready to be retired, you’ll be excited to find a multitude of new fixtures that will transform your room into a HGTV-worthy space.

Choose a floating vanity that hides all the plumbing components behind a stone skirt for a modern, yet simplified design. How about a freestanding bathtub, with or without legs, acrylic or cast iron, modern or vintage? Whichever you choose, you’ll get an updated look with a possible increase in resale value.

You can even add a stylish vessel sink — there are hundreds of shapes, colors, and materials to choose from.

Modern toilets offer sleek, comfortable designs, eco-friendly flush rates and cutting-edge technology. Select a one-piece unit with a soft-close seat, wall-mounted fixture for a customized height, or a touch-free style for the ultimate sanitary option.

Advanced Lighting

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to get creative with lighting. There’s no need to be limited to a strip light above a rectangular mirror. Now you can test your interior design skills with a set of unusual sconces, some bright-colored pendants, an ornate chandelier, or even a pair of table lamps.

Overhead puck lights will illuminate your make-up area and indirect lighting behind the tub will create a little ambiance. Add some rope lighting in the toe-kick area under your cabinet to light up the floor during late-night visits.

Pet-Friendly Features

pets bathroom remodel

If you’ve got a furry, four-legged friend in the family, you’ve probably wished there was an easier way to bathe it at home. If so, you might consider an open-concept shower that allows you to walk your pet right in without lifting it over a cumbersome wall. No more strained back muscles or tripping. Protect against falls (for you and your buddy) with a non-slip shower floor. You’ll also want to add a detachable showerhead or handheld, waist-high spray to easily rinse away soap and dirt.

Add a built-in kitty litter box to keep the mess and odors contained for easy clean-up. Keep your inquisitive critters away from toxic cleaning products and medicines by adding safety locks to your cabinets too.

It’s Your Choice

Whether you choose to do a minor bathroom remodel or a major renovation project, the ideas above can transform your space and possibly even increase your home’s resale value. Include some creative storage ideas, classic colors, high-tech elements, advanced lighting, and pet-friendly features to make your bathroom shine.

And don’t forget – the Unison HomeOwner program can help you unlock your home equity to pay for much needed repairs or remodels. No matter what you choose to do, you might pleasantly surprised at how even small changes can freshen up your space and give it new life.

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