Can I use the Unison HomeBuyer program with my 5% down payment?

Yes, we offer 5% down programs through two lenders, Valley National Bank and Goldwater Bank, in select states:

Arizona (Goldwater Bank)
California (Goldwater Bank)
Colorado (Goldwater Bank)
Florida (Goldwater Bank and Valley National Bank)
Georgia (Goldwater Bank)
Michigan (Goldwater Bank)
Minnesota (Goldwater Bank)
Missouri (Goldwater Bank)
New Jersey (Valley National Bank)
New York (Valley National Bank)
Ohio (Goldwater Bank)
Pennsylvania (Valley National Bank)
Washington (Goldwater Bank)

When you put down 5%, Unison invests 15% of the value of the home, leaving you with a mortgage balance of just 80% of the home’s value. This means you will not have to pay PMI, which saves you additional money every month.

Here is an example of how Unison’s 5% program can reduce your monthly payments when purchasing a $500,000 home:

Beginning Mortgage Loan Balance Estimated Monthly Payments
5% down payment plus95% mortgage $475,000 $2,798
5% down payment plus15% Unison investment plus80% mortgage $400,000 $1,967

In this example, when using Unison’s 5% program, your monthly payments would be reduced by a whopping $831. In exchange, Unison would receive a share of the future change in the value of your home. Please talk with our Program Specialists to learn more about the program.

For a more detailed example of how this works, please click on the image below.

Unison HomeBuyer Program 5 Percent Down Payment

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