What happens if I make home improvements / remodel that increase the value of my home? Does Unison share in that?

If you make improvements to your home that increase its value, like adding another bedroom or bathroom, you can apply for what is called a Remodeling Adjustment, which allocates 100 percent of the value attributable to your home improvement project to you, so that we don’t share in that value.

The amount of the Remodeling Adjustment is determined by a third party appraisal. To qualify for a Remodeling Adjustment, you must hire licensed contractors to do the work, obtain any required permits, and fully document the condition of your home before making the improvements by taking lots of “before” photos, so that in the future an appraiser will be able to make a determination of the value of your home improvements at the time you sell the property.

The Remodeling Adjustment is equal to the gain in value caused by your remodeling, determined at the end of the Unison Agreement by an independent appraiser. It is not based on the amount you spent on the remodeling project. The appraiser will be specifically instructed not to review the costs of your improvements, but only to determine what, if any, actual market value has been added to the property.

Unison is committed to a fair process to determine the amount of the Remodeling Adjustment. In a rare instance in which we are unable to agree in good faith on the amount, the issue will be determined through arbitration.

More detail about the Remodeling Adjustment can be found in the Unison HomeBuyer and Unison HomeOwner Program Guides.

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