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Loan Officer Robert Golyer Got His Clients Into the Home They Wanted with Unison HomeBuyer

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Robert Golyer is a Senior Loan Officer who works for BANC Home Loans in Orange County, California. He learned about the Unison HomeBuyer program and has been including it in conversations with clients when he thinks it could help them accomplish their goals.

Recently, he was able to help a young couple buy a home that they were extremely excited about, by partnering with Unison. At first, the couple believed they did not have enough of a down payment to purchase the home they wanted — even though they could put down 20%. However, with Unison contributing another 12.5% for the down payment, everything fell into place.

“I know this is going to sound corny, but your program not only helped my clients, but it made me a hero.”
— Robert Golyer, Senior Loan Officer

When Robert called the clients to tell them the good news, they were so happy and relieved. They almost could not believe it at first — they asked him to repeat the news to make sure they had heard him correctly.

These particular clients were small business owners and they did not want to be forced to take money out of their business in order to buy a home. While that was certainly an option for them, it was one they wanted to avoid. Because of Unison HomeBuyer, they got the home they wanted without having to put up any more money than what they had planned.

Robert is confident that having Unison HomeBuyer as an option to present to his clients not only empowers him to help them accomplish their goals but also differentiates him from other loan officers. He plans to continue telling his clients about the program when it seems like a good fit.

“I know this is going to sound corny, but your program not only helped my clients, but it made me a hero — almost like a superhero,” Robert said. “I was able to take your program and qualify my buyers for a price range that they did not believe was even possible.”


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