Paying for Home Improvements Is Easy with Unison

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Paying for Home Improvements

You love your house, but it needs some work, right? We all know what it feels like to look around your home and see those little (or big) opportunities to make it more comfortable, more modern, and possibly even more valuable. Maybe it’s the outdated kitchen with worn cabinets. Or the bathroom with pink tiles and a leaky faucet.

Whatever remodels you want to do on the home, you probably don’t want to wait. That’s where Unison comes in.

Not a Loan, No Monthly Payments

How is it possible to get financing for home improvements with no monthly payments? The way it works is that Unison invests alongside you in your home, receiving a share of the future change in its value — up or down.

The money from Unison is not a loan. This is different from getting a HELOC or home equity loan where you’re on the hook for monthly payments until you’ve paid the money back (with interest).

But when you partner with Unison, you don’t owe anything until you sell the house — up to 30 years later. At that time, if the home has gained in value, we share the gain. If the home has lost value, we share the loss.

And the best part is you alone get the benefit of any value that your home improvements add!

Trevor and Lindsay got funding from Unison when they bought their house, allowing them to make the home improvements they really wanted. Watch their story.

Make Yours the Best Home You Can Imagine

Imagine how it would feel to live in the home you’ve always wanted — your home, but with some necessary remodeling.

If you’ve been complaining about your outdated kitchen for years, or if you want to knock down an interior wall to open up your home and make it feel more spacious, this could be the perfect time.

Many of Unison’s customers have experienced what it’s like to see their home transform into something new.

Trevor and Lindsay are Unison customers who purchased their home in San Diego and were able to make some needed home improvements by partnering with Unison. They updated their living room, dining room, and bathroom, while adding beautiful wood flooring and a new paint job.

Trevor said, “our relationship with Unison gave us the ability to free up some cash so that we were able to put our own personal touch on things and do the things that we wanted in the house.” Watch their full story below:

If you want to learn more about the Unison HomeOwner program and how Unison can give you the funding to make needed home improvements without taking on debt, check out our Resource Center or click the button below to get pre-qualified.

Get Cash For Home Improvements

Unlock your home equity and get the money you need in as few as 15 days with Unison HomeOwner. No monthly payments. No interest charges.

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