Unison Will Attend Finovate in San Jose, April 26-27

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Finovate Spring 2017 - Unison

Unison is looking forward to attending Finovatethe only conference series focused exclusively on showcasing the best and most innovative new financial and banking technologies. We are excited to be able to present our revolutionary Unison HomeBuyer and Unison HomeOwner programs to a select group of senior financial and banking executives, venture capitalists, press, industry analysts, bloggers, regulators, and entrepreneurs.

The conference will take place over two days, from April 26th to 27th, at the San Jose Convention Center, and will feature companies from all over the U.S. (and the world) that are using technology to make new strides in existing industries or to create new industries. 

Our Co-CEO Jim Riccitelli, will be delivering a presentation about the new category of home ownership investments and how Unison makes buying a home easier and more accessible for millions of people. If you’re able to attend the conference, we hope to see you there! (The presentation starts at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 27th)

For more about Unison and our programs, please see below:

Unison, founded in 2004, provides long-term investment capital to home buyers and homeowners which they can use for up to 30 years with no interest or monthly payments.  Unison’s investors earn a return by sharing in the change in value of the home, up or down, when the homeowner decides to sell. As partners, if the home value rises the homeowner and the investor both profit.  If the home value falls, both lose. 

Unison HomeBuyer opens the door for people to buy the home they want with less debt and risk. Unison HomeBuyer matches the purchaser’s down payment up to 12.5% of the home’s price. This larger down payment makes it easier to qualify for a loan, increases buying power, lowers the monthly payment, and/or allows a buyer to reserve cash.

Unison HomeOwner provides cash now to current homeowners without the added debt or payments of a home equity loan or HELOC. Homeowners use the money to eliminate debt, remodel, pay for school, invest, or as a cash cushion for financial stability.

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