Unison Receives Three Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Including First Place in ‘Best of Show’

Recognition Reinforces Leadership in Home Ownership Investments Category

SAN FRANCISCOMay 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Unison Home Ownership Investors, the leading provider of home ownership investments, came away with two top finishes and a ‘Best of Show’ from the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in New York City last week.

There were 21 categories at Benzinga, spanning across every industry in the fintech space including real estate, finance, education, lending, insurance, banking, blockchain and more. Awards were given to the companies deemed most innovative and impactful. Finalists were determined by a panel of fintech experts, the winners then selected by both an audience vote and a panel vote. Unison won ‘Best of Show’ by an audience vote, placed second in ‘Best of Show’ by the judges votes and placed second again in the ‘Leveling the Playing Field’ category.

“We’re honored. It’s an amazing accomplishment to be recognized as a leader in innovation and even more so as a trusted customer solution.  We’re so proud of our team,” said Jim Riccitelli, co-CEO of Unison. “Unison is firing on all cylinders and we look forward to continued rapid expansion of our reach and program offerings.”

Riccitelli was also a speaker at the event on a panel discussing, “How Firms Can Scale Innovation to Solve Consumer Problems” along with TD Ameritrade CEO Tim Hockey and Prosper President Ron Suber.  The panel discussion gave the entrepreneurial audience some great insights to solving challenges encountered in scaling a new-to-the-world consumer finance business.

As the originator and leader of the home ownership investment category, Unison connects institutional investors seeking exposure to the world’s largest asset class with consumers who need capital to buy a home or homeowners seeking liquidity from their home without borrowing. The result is a partnership—Unison provides financing to home buyers and homeowners that can be used for up to 30 years with no interest charges or monthly payments. As an investing partner, Unison shares in the change in value of the home upon sale – up or down.

About Benzinga Global Fintech Awards
The BZ Awards is a competition to showcase the companies with the most impressive technology, who are paving the future in financial services and capital markets. It brings together the leading minds in fintech to celebrate innovation across the world.

About Unison Home Ownership Investors 
Unison introduced the home ownership investment category in 2007. Unison provides homeowners with long-term financing in exchange for the opportunity to share in the change in the home’s value when they decide to sell – up to 30 years later. There are no interest charges or monthly payments on the investment. Over the last decade, we’ve become the largest home ownership investor and expanded nationwide by working with lenders, regulators and institutional investors to integrate home ownership investing into the U.S. housing finance system. What sets Unison apart is true partnership: we invest at the same home value as the homeowner and share with them the downside risk and upside potential – in Unison.

Unison HomeBuyer opens the door for people to buy the home they want with less debt and risk, typically by doubling the purchaser’s down payment. This larger down payment makes it easier to qualify for a loan, increases buying power, lowers the monthly payment and/or allows a buyer to reserve cash. Unison HomeOwner provides cash now to current homeowners without the added debt or payments of a home equity loan or HELOC. Homeowners use the money to eliminate debt, remodel, pay for school, invest, or as a cash cushion for financial stability.

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