Unison Reviews: HomeBuyer and HomeOwner
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Lately, big things have been happening here at Unison. We’re excited about expanding into new states and reaching more and more consumers who are interested in using a home ownership investment.

As we continue to grow and as more people become aware of Unison, there is an increasing demand for reviews of Unison from trusted experts and influencers. We understand that consumers are often skeptical of new financial products — rightfully so — and that they want to hear outside opinions before making a decision.

That’s why we’d like to share several recent reviews of Unison HomeBuyer and Unison HomeOwner from financial writers who’ve taken a close look at our programs. See what they had to say below:

Unison Review from Philip Taylor at PTMoney.com

Philip Taylor is a longtime financial blogger and the founder of FinCon — the premiere conference for financial media and personal finance bloggers. He lives in Dallas and writes about a wide variety of topics related to personal finance.

Be sure to check out his review of Unison HomeBuyer. Here’s an excerpt:

“Unison aims to help more people afford to buy a home. Rather than giving you a loan, they invest alongside you in your home by matching up to half of your down payment. Unison calls this a “home ownership investment” program. Unison’s money is not debt and you don’t pay Unison interest. Instead, the company receives a share of the future change in the home’s price.”

Or if you prefer, take a look at his review of our Unison HomeOwner program. Here’s a quote from the article:

“For those who already own your own home and have equity you want to tap into, the HomeOwner program allows you to do that without getting a loan and without monthly payments… The Unison HomeOwner program lasts up to 30 years. This means that if you stay in the home, you don’t need to pay back Unison’s investment until three decades later, which doesn’t sound too bad.”

Unison Review from Greg Johnson at ClubThrifty.com

Greg Johnson and his wife Holly are bloggers who write about optimizing your finances and living the kind of life you want. They live in Indiana with their two children and they travel frequently — without going over budget, of course.

Here is a quote from the review Greg wrote about Unison HomeBuyer:

“Unison offers home buyers a new option for obtaining a down payment. Here’s the best part: Unison does not provide loans. That means you won’t have to stretch your dollars even further to cover yet another monthly payment.”

And here is another quote from Greg’s review of Unison HomeOwner:

“Unison HomeOwner seeks to provide a new way for homeowners to access their equity without acquiring new debt. Unlike traditional home equity loans or HELOCs, working with Unison means you won’t have a monthly bill to pay. You’ll also avoid those pesky interest payments.”

Unison Review from James Hendrickson at DinksFinance.com

James Hendrickson writes for Dinks Finance, a financial blog that he started with his wife for people with a dual-income and no kids. Over the years, their blog has become quite popular and they’ve shared advice on budgeting, paying off debt, saving for retirement, and everything in between.

See what James had to say about HomeBuyer in his review of Unison:

“With the HomeBuyer Program, Unison provides funds for your down payment. It does not require monthly payments on the money that is provided… The additional down payment funds from Unison make it easier for you to afford the home you want. Working with Unison can lower your monthly mortgage payment by up to 15–20%. This extra savings each month can help you save for your children’s college tuition, pay off your student loan debt, or remodel the house.”

Or check out what he said about HomeOwner in his review of Unison:

“Instead of taking out a second mortgage on your home or getting a loan to receive the funds, you could use the Unison HomeOwner program… Similar to the HomeBuyer program, you do not have to pay Unison anything until you sell the home — up to 30 years later. When you decide to sell your home, Unison will share in any increase in the value of your home (or share in the loss if the home has lost value). The HomeOwner Program can provide you increased financial flexibility without having to deal with monthly payments.”

Unison Review from BarbaraFriedbergPersonalFinance.com

Barbara Friedberg is a longtime financial industry expert and personal finance blogger who shares her vast knowledge about finances and other topics with readers on her website. She recently wrote about Unison and how it can help home buyers.

See Barbara’s review of Unison HomeBuyer here:

Unison is the answer to “Where to get money for a home down payment? Unison is a company that partners with you by giving you up to half of your home down payment. In exchange for the money, at the sale of your home, you pay Unison a proportion of the home’s appreciation. And, if your home falls in value, Unison, shares in the loss.

Unison Review from Rob at MustardSeedMoney.com

Rob Andersen is a 36-year old personal finance enthusiast and blogger who writes about his quest for financial freedom and early retirement on his website Mustard Seed Money. He recently wrote about Unison as a tool that can help prospective home buyers.

See Rob’s review of Unison HomeBuyer here:

Unison has an incredibly interesting concept to equity investing in homeownership. They offer themselves as an investment partner through a homeowner’s down payment on a home in exchange for a portion of the profit when the homeowner sells their home.

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