Unison Speaks to Growing Home Ownership Investment Category at Benzinga Fintech Summit, Alongside Game Changers and Innovators

Unison Participates as Panelist on the Future of Real Estate and Demos Unison HomeOwner Program

SAN FRANCISCOSept. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Unison Home Ownership Investors, the leading provider of home ownership investments, today announced its participation on a panel and demo showcase at the Benzinga Fintech Summit: Game Changers and Innovators at Broadway Studios in San FranciscoSept. 28.

Benzinga is hosting its inaugural Fintech Summit, highlighting industry-leading financial innovations in the fintech space. The event sets the stage for companies to showcase their products and services to an audience of venture capitalists, industry experts and prospective patrons. Through Unison presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to hear firsthand how the future of home ownership is transforming and how Unison’s programs assist homebuyers by leveraging institutional investors to help finance their home and give existing homeowners the ability to tap into their home equity to fund life expenses.

Panel Discussion:
WHAT: Unison will participate on a panel discussion titled, “One-Click Home Buying and Beyond: The Future of Real Estate.” Moderated by Experian, Unison’s Co-CEO, Jim Riccitelli, will be speaking alongside panelists from Rocket Mortgage and HouseCanary.

WHENSept. 28 at 11:15 a.m. PT

Demo Showcase:
WHAT: Unison will also take the stage to present its Unison HomeOwner program and share how it connects individual homeowners with institutional investors to unlock home equity without debt. Attendees will learn how with Unison, individual homeowners eliminate mortgage insurance, reduce monthly payments, reserve cash and increase purchasing power.

WHENSept. 28 at 4:12 p.m. PT

To register for the Benzinga Fintech Summit, please click here. For more information on Unison, please visit https://www.unison.com/.

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About Benzinga Fintech Summit
The inaugural Benzinga Fintech Summit: Game Changers and Innovators event in San Francisco will feature leaders from fintech unicorns, financial institutions, pioneers in machine learning technology and more discussing the changing face of the financial services industry and the future of how people interact with their money.

Speakers will discuss the future of the lending industry, the impact of AI technology on financial services white-collar jobs and how to fight inherent biases when designing machine learning algorithms, with perspectives from the New York banking and San Francisco fintech industries represented.

About Unison Home Ownership Investors
Unison is the leading provider of home ownership investments, modernizing home financing through long-term partnerships. Unison works with lenders, regulators and institutional investors to integrate home ownership investing into the U.S. housing finance system. Unison HomeBuyer helps purchasers buy the home they want with less debt and risk, typically by doubling the down payment. The larger down payment makes it easier to qualify for a loan, increases buying power, lowers the monthly payment and/or allows a buyer to reserve cash. Unison HomeOwner provides current homeowners with cash to eliminate debt, remodel, pay for school, invest or as a cash cushion, without the added debt or payments of a home equity loan or HELOC.

Unison’s platforms have received prestigious recognitions including the FinovateSpring 2017 and Benzinga 2017 Best of Show awards. Headquartered in San Francisco, Unison operates in 13 states and has secured over $300M in total capital. For additional information, visit https://www.unison.com.

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