Driven by a desire to make a difference

From our founder to our newest team members, we’re a culture that embodies intellectual curiosity, analytical rigor, and deep empathy for our customers. Oh, and we like to have fun.

Create an impact

We offer smart new financing alternatives for homebuyers and homeowners. Our partnerships give people the flexibility to buy and own the home they really want.

Our Values

  • 01
    True Grit is in our DNA
    We have the courage to create something big. Our will to win is stronger than our fear of failure.
  • 02
    See the long now
    We plan for the future but deliver and act in the now.
  • 03
    Work from an abundance mindset
    We always start from the position of all we’ve accomplished and done right.
  • 04
    Assume positive intent and practice kindness
    We trust our colleagues are always acting from a good place. We stay kind even when it's hard.
  • 05
    Seek the gleam in the eye
    We hire people who “get it” and who see the magnitude and impact of what we’re creating.
  • 06
    Value insights over arguments
    We value facts over opinion and trust intuition.
  • 07
    Humor is mandatory
    We celebrate a culture of laughter and lightness; we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • 08
    We're here to win, together
    Through our ambition and passion, we will win as a team. And by helping our customers win, we all win.

Join our Team

Looking to challenge yourself and make a difference? Browse our openings and come join the team.