Family Increases Purchasing Power to Stay Near Home

Duvall, WA

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Unison Homebuyer Raises Family’s Purchasing Power To Stay Near Home



A Seattle area family was looking to buy a home in a specific northeastern suburb. They had roots in this area with great schools and recreational activities and did not want to look at homes elsewhere.

On the financial side, they were firm on the monthly payment they felt comfortable supporting, and placed a high priority on maintaining cash reserves. Within those parameters of location and financing, they were having a hard time finding homes to their liking.



A homeownership investment from Unison doubled their down payment cash available for purchase. Having more money to put down meant that they could borrow less and avoid mortgage insurance entirely. This combination dramatically increased the range of home prices they could consider. Having a greater price range in which to search lead to potential options pouring in. Within no time, they found and bought the perfect house in the location they wanted.

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