Relocating Without Tapping Into Retirement Fund

Laguna Niguel, CA


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Relocating Without Tapping Into Retirement Fund



Baby boomer and Los Angeles-area homeowner of 25 years spotted the home of his dreams as he was nearing time for retirement. He was captivated by the ocean views, the home’s European architecture, and the slower pace of Orange County; he knew he wanted to make the move. While he had the means for the 20% down payment, he was uneasy liquidating all his investments and still potentially relying on his retirement fund to afford the home.



Unison HomeBuyer was instrumental in allowing this city-dweller to set-up his future and retire in the ocean neighboring hills of Laguna Niguel.  The 10% investment from Unison allowed him to buy with a down payment contribution of only 10%.  This eased any nerves or hesitation he had of draining his retirement funds so he could resettle and relax, with a view and peace of mind.

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