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Starting A Business And Family Simultaneously Made Possible by Unison HomeBuyer



A couple of young business owners in the San Diego area wanted to start a family in a sought-after gated community with great schools. With home prices rising, and children on the way, the time to buy was now. The couple had the income to qualify for the loan, and enough cash for a 20% down payment. Their business was also growing, however, as any business owner knows, surprises are common. Tying up all their money in the house and not having any reserves made them uncomfortable.



With a home ownership investment from Unison, the couple were able to get the home in the community they wanted and retain half of their down payment cash. They got the neighborhood and security they wanted and safety of a cash cushion for a rainy day.  In a cost and benefits analysis, Unison commitment to share in a potential loss in investment really demonstrated the fairness of the partnership. At the end of the day, the couple got into the home they loved, and Unison found a great investment.

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