Upsizing Possible Without Liquidating Investment Portfolio with Unison HomeBuyer

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Upsizing Possible Without Liquidating Investment Portfolio



Two mature professionals in the technology and medical industries realized they were in need of a larger home for their bustling family of six. Location was their next priority. They were looking to the northeast of Seattle, where they could be close to work and happy in a beautiful, safe community. Their location and desired square footage meant a higher price, which meant a hefty down payment. The couple had the income to afford the monthly payments, but didn’t want to tap into the investment portfolio they’d worked so hard to build to get into the home.



When they learned about Unison HomeBuyer, the decision was easy. Liquidating their investment assets felt like a big risk, a risk they didn’t have to take with Unison investing in the home alongside them. The Unison Homebuyer investment provided half of the required 25% down payment, leaving their portfolio intact. The family upgraded to the perfect home, with peace of mind.

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