A Unison home equity sharing agreement for:

Other Application Qualification Criteria:
Minimum Credit Score:
Property should be Primary Home Residence
Minimum Home Equity:

Unison Homeowner Status


Estimated Unlock Value


Based on estimated home value at $0

How it works


Unison provides homeowners with up to $500k in cash today in exchange for an option to share in their home’s change in value, up or down, in the future. There is no monthly payment and no interest!


Homeowners make no payments to Unison until they sell their home or 30 years pass. At that time, Unison will settle up based on the value of Unison’s option, and they will owe Unison an amount equal to the cash payment Unison provided, plus or minus a percentage of their home’s change in value.


Home value: $1,000,000

Unison investment: $100,000 (10%)

Max Unison investment: 17.5% / $500k

Unison risk multiple: 4x

Unison share in future price change: 40%

Max Unison share: 70% (4 x 17.5%)

How much equity can you access from your home?

Estimated Home Value
Your home's appraised value will be reduced by 5.0% to establish your home's Original Agreed Value. The Original Agreed Value is used to determine your home's change in value over time.
Equity you can access
This is an estimate of the amount of equity you can unlock — up to $500K or 15% of your home’s value. Unison's share adjusts in proportion to this amount. It does not factor in the 3.9% Transaction Fee or other closing costs which reduce your net investment.

Alternate Home Equity Products

How is a Unison Equity Sharing Agreement different from other methods of tapping into equity?

Method Unison Equity Sharing Agreements HELOC Cash out refinance Reverse mortgage
Interest None Yes - usually variable rates Yes Yes
Monthly Payments None Yes Yes None
Summary Receive up to 17.5% of home equity in cash; when the house sells, pay back the original amount and a percentage of its change in value Works like a credit card where the amount available is based on your equity A new, higher mortgage loan replaces the old one, with potentially lower interest rates and extra cash in the form of a loan Interest is added to the loan, and paid back as a lump sum when the house sells or the owner passes away
Other pertinent info If the home depreciates in value, you pay less You only pay interest on the amount that you use, not the amount available New lien on your home applies to both the new mortgage and the loan Homeowner must be over 62 years of age to qualify