Family Bought a 5-bedroom Home in Riverside County with Unison

Riverside County, CA


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Unison Homebuyer Helps Family Purchase 5-bedroom forever home in Riverside County



A father and mother had been looking to move up to a bigger house for some time, as the kids were getting older, and the parents were simultaneously feeling the need for more space than they had in their starter home. They were looking between Los Angeles and San Diego counties, in Riverside County, where newer, larger homes were available near shopping, good schools, and other amenities. The budget with the amount they would have on hand from their prior sale put them at the crossroads of choosing a smaller, 4 bedroom versus 5 bedroom home, or settling for an out -of-date model in order to comfortably afford the monthly payments.



The family’s loan officer introduced them to the HomeBuyer program as a way to help put them in the budget to afford the types of homes they knew they wanted. The home equity sharing option allowed them to increase their buying power, and immediately begin seeing the types of homes they had envisioned become real options. Shortly there after, they found one they knew suited their family both in the near-term and well into the future. With the ample bedroom space and ease of move-in effort inherent in a newly built home, the family felt great about their decision to purchase their home with Unison and start living how they wanted.

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