Family Reserved Funds for Children’s Education by Purchasing Home with Unison

San Diego County, CA


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Unison Homebuyer Helps Family Save for their Children’s Education While Buying a Home



Parents of three children in Southern California were ready for a bigger home, and wanted to settle in a place that offered convenience to the city and other recreational amenities that would satisfy the family into empty nest-hood. Meanwhile, they were aware of the rising cost of education and wanted to do whatever they could to prevent it from impacting their finances. So, the couple found themselves faced with the challenge of finding a new home with more room, in a good community, with the priority of reserving funds for their three children’s college education.



Partnering with Unison helped solve their dilemma and allowed them to buy a home they love. The funds from Unison helped increase their buying power to compete in the difficult market that is San Diego county, while allowing them to maintain their financial flexibility to contribute to their children’s education and future. The debt-free shared home equity model allowed them to buy the home that the family wanted with manageable monthly payments while having money available for education and other expenses.

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