Make complex teamwork simple

Unison is a much simpler way to do complex teamwork with distributed staff. Fast, private rooms, with instant awareness of where people are and what they're working on. 1:1 chat with text, voice and video. Integrations to plug in your key data like CRM.

  • Handles complex teamwork

    Unison's structured rooms and threads make it possible to get real work done on the go. Where email is deeply frustrating on a smartphone, Unison's mobile clients make it realistic to do teamwork from any location.

  • Any device

    Get Unison apps for smartphones, tablets and computers. It syncs instantly across all devices, including read/unread status, content and more. Finally you can lead your teams from your tablet or smartphone.

  • Files, audio, video

    Rooms are rich, private spaces where you can post links, files, audio and video. Use them to house key discussions and files for a project and keep your team on the same page.

"Mission control" from your smartphone or tablet

See who is where with automatic geo-location. Plus, understand who is working with you, and on what subject. It's a powerful view into what's happening right now, so you can reach key people and information faster.

Rich presence

See who is where with automatic geo-location, and see who is working with who and on what.

Company directory

People in the same company ( are automatically connected to each other, so you can IM or add them to rooms. This gives you an instant company directory, with pictures and realtime location (the mobile app sets what city they are in right now).

Read receipts reinvented

Unison is the only teamwork app that tells you exactly who read what you posted. Click next to any post and you'll see a list of room members, and whether (or not) they viewed it. Click the bell to ping them a reminder. Much better than email follow-up.

Powerful @-mentions

Got an urgent message or a task? @ mention your colleague in a room, and we'll send an extra alert and push notification.

See who's available

More than basic IM, Unison gives you a picture of who is who in your company, and who is free/busy/away. With our smartphone apps and email alerts, your messages get pushed through to people wherever they are.

Remind people with one click

When reviewing who's read a message, you can easily remind those colleagues who haven't. Just hover over their name, click Remind, and poof — we'll send them an alert. Keep work moving forward, fast.

Unison works with any device. Try it now with a free account:


Telephone, video and conference calls

Instantly connect — no phone numbers, no hassle

Audio and video calls

See which people are free and start an audio or video call with one click, no phone numbers or conference lines to dial.

Turn chats into calls

While chatting, just click a button to switch to a live voice or video call. Makes work much more efficient.

Group conference calls

Unison makes it easy to start a group call. Just press the green button and the whole room can talk live, with no PIN codes, dial-ins or hassle.

Work anywhere

Get real work done from your smartphone or tablet

Unison works with any device. Try it now with a free account:


Cross Company Collaboration

Securely extend Unison to partners, contractors, clients


Rooms across orgs

Because each Unison room is a private group, you can spin up a secure space that spans companies instantly, without compromising any other information you have in Unison. Just add external people via email as room members.


Privacy by default

Invite partners, contractors, clients or other external parties to a room. They won't see your other rooms — they only see the rooms you invite them to. They won't see your company's Unison corporate directory. They only see the people that invited them. Unison's entire approach is oriented around privacy and security.


Highly secure

Unison is easy to use, but has enterprise-grade security


Secure and compliant

Unison is easy to use, but it is also highly secure. Some of the most security-sensitive companies in the world use Unison to hold private, encrypted team conversations. We support corporate IT needs, such as SSO, Active Directory and compliance (NASD, SEC, HIPAA and others).

Feature list

Here is a detailed list of Unison capabilities

Business instant messengers

Campfire, HipChat etc


Enterprise social network

Yammer, Chatter etc

Super organized   
  • Separate spaces for each project, issue or
  • team
  • Each space organized into multiple threads
  • See who is "in" each space and thread
  • right now
  • Post and talk:
  • Text
  • Docs and files
  • Images
  • Voice notes
  • Easily add people outside your company
Fast, secure messaging   
  • Text, audio, video chat one-to-one
  • Group voice conferences with one click
  • Automatic encryption for security
  • and compliance
High speed   
  • Rapid messaging
  • Real-time free/busy status to see
  • availability
  • Instant syncing of all content across all
  • devices
Works anywhere   
  • Full suite of apps for:
  • Web
  •     (Chrome, FF, IE, Safari, others)
  • iOS
  • Android

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