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This assumes a down payment of 12%, which will require you to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), resulting in a higher monthly payment.

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Unison can help you to get a 20% down payment, which increases your buying power and waves the need for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), resulting in a lower monthly payment.

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Just sold: $495,000

3 beds 2 baths 2,389 sq ft. | 123 Main Street, Oakland

Get a $500,000 home in the Bay Area

Just sold: $495,000

3 beds 2 baths 2,389 sq ft. | 123 Main Street, Oakland

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At Unison, ensuring both homeowners and investors are receiving a fair deal is critical to our mission and foundational to a successful relationship - where we win together.

It is difficult to price your home value accurately as there is not sufficient data due to lack of comparable home transactions in your area. This is likely due to current market conditions.

As more price data becomes available, we’d love to connect with you. Please click “Still Interested” to complete a contact form, and we will reach out as soon as a fair and informed price can be determined.

We’re co-investors, not lenders.

We help with your down payment in exchange for a portion of your home’s appreciation when you sell. No extra debt, no interest, no monthly payments. Plus, we share in the upside and the down. Because that’s true partnership.
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It wasn’t about the next home, it was about the right home.

With Unison, the Hall Family was able to find a home that fit all of their needs.

HomeBuyer Questions

The Unison HomeBuyer program is a true partnership. We contribute to your down payment by making a homeownership investment in your home. In return, we receive a share of any appreciation or depreciation in your home’s price at the time it is sold. This is not a loan, so we don’t charge interest, and we don’t receive monthly payments. Instead, we hope to earn a profit when you sell your home, up to 30 years later. You can also buy us out after 3 years.

We’ll contribute between 5-20% of the value of your home. The most we can invest in any single home is $500,000.

In order to do a deal Unison, you will have to work with one of our partner lenders. We have several partners everywhere we operate and we’ll be happy to connect you to the partner that best suits your needs.

We are constantly building partnerships with new lenders. Feel free to contact us using the phone number below to see if there is a qualified lender in your area.

The majority of our deals close in less than 3 weeks—faster than traditional methods of home financing. With the Unison HomeBuyer program, we work with your lender and meet the closing date that you and the seller have agreed to.

For the HomeBuyer program, Unison charges a 2.5% origination fee. There is no application or processing fee. You will, however, pay certain third-party expenses, such as closing services and credit reporting charges.

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