Tap into your equity with Unison

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You'll pay no interest with Unison

Unlike a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit, you'll pay no interest with Unison.

There are no monthly payments

Use the money now, for up to 30 years, and make no monthly payments until you decide to sell.

No added debt...Really

By partnering with Unison you do not take on any debt.

"With relief from Unison, we were able to pay down debt and allow more time at home with our child"
Hermitage, TN
“We used the funds to maintain our retirement and pay down our mortgage debt. Thank you Unison!"
Las Vegas, NV

8.2 Billion invested home value

$8.2 Billion

the total value of homes we’ve invested in.

As featured in

“Unlike home-equity loans and cash-out refinancings, shared-equity contracts don’t add to the consumer’s outstanding debt.”

“Their emphasis on equity as opposed to debt comes in a time when various pressures weigh on home buyers—from substantial student debt to lack of savings.”

“It is called shared equity, and Unison, a company based in San Francisco, is the largest of a handful of firms putting it to work.”

“Unison… is one of a handful of firms developing novel financial products aimed at helping buyers afford increasingly expensive homes”

“Companies like Unison […] allow homeowners to tap the equity in their homes without taking out a loan; the investment company takes a share of growth in the home’s future value instead.”

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Enter your offer code below and confirm a few details and find out more about your eligibility.