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At Unison, ensuring both homeowners and investors are receiving a fair deal is critical to our mission and foundational to a successful relationship - where we win together.

It is difficult to price your home value accurately as there is not sufficient data due to lack of comparable home transactions in your area. This is likely due to current market conditions.

As more price data becomes available, we’d love to connect with you. Please click “Still Interested” to complete a contact form, and we will reach out as soon as a fair and informed price can be determined.

The ideal Unison home buyer

Qualifies for a mortgage but hasn't saved for a 20% down payment.

Wants to make a competitive offer on a home in a hot market.

Wants to avoid PMI and high monthly payments.

Doesn't want to use all their savings on a down payment.

Frequent Home Buyer Questions

Simply type the address into Unison’s proprietary system to see if the home is pre-qualified. Unison will still need to confirm certain information about the property during the application process before it can issue a final approval.

Make sure the home buyer meets these criteria:

  • They need to qualify for a mortgage and have saved at least 5-10% to put down.
  • Make sure to pre-qualify the property
  • The home should be used as your client’s primary residence
  • Your client should plan to live in their home for at least 3 years

As you put together loan packages for your clients, your clients will look to you for guidance to decide how much of an investment they want from Unison. Unison can add up to 20% of the value of their home to their down payment, up to a maximum of $500,000 and an 80% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.

Unison’s initial investment determines how much Unison shares in the change in value when the homeowner sells their home or buys Unison out of the agreement. An easy way to estimate Unison’s future share is to take the percentage of Unison’s initial investment in the home and multiply it by 3.3.(in most cases, base pricing starts at 3.3x). For example, if we invested 10% of the home’s value when your client purchased it, multiply 10% by 3.3 to get Unison’s future share in the change in value of 33%.

The homeowner can use the funds provided by Unison for up to 30 years. After 30 years, the homeowner will need to either sell their home or buy Unison out. To buy Unison out, the homeowner would need to pay Unison an amount equal to the original investment plus or minus Unison’s share of their home's change in value. Unison uses an independent third-party appraisal to determine the fair market value of their home at the time the agreement ends. In some cases, after 30 years it might be possible for the homeowner to refinance their home and use the proceeds to buy out Unison's investment. However, there is no guarantee that this option will be available. To learn more about our agreement, click here.

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