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Why partner with Unison?

  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Interest Payments
  • No Added Debt

What is a home ownership investment?

A home ownership investment is a partnership between a homeowner and an investor. Unlike a loan, there are no monthly payments and no interest charges. Instead, the investor shares in the future change in the value of the home alongside the homeowner.

With a home ownership investment, you can get the cash you need without cutting into your monthly budget. This means you have more financial flexibility to live life on your terms and accomplish your big life goals.

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Success Stories

“Unison HomeBuyer reduced the monthly payment that we would have for the purchase of this home, which in turn provided more financial flexibility for us to commit towards our children’s education and other financial priorities that we have in our lives.”


Chula Vista, CA


“Unison was so unique. Rather than looking like a loan, it felt more like a partnership. It enabled us to free up some money and to lower our monthly payment. It was very appealing. Taking the time to understand the program, we realized wow this is a great fit for us as a family.”


San Diego, CA

“One of the things that I appreciated about Unison is that they were responsive. I felt like anytime I had a question, or sent an email, or made a call, I got ahold of somebody that was helpful, and informative.”


Newport Beach, CA

In the News

“Regardless of the ups and downs of the housing market, the Sotos are saving about $300 a month on their mortgage payment and an additional $400 because they don’t need mortgage insurance. An extra $700 a month is a big deal, he said, as his kids all start college over the next four years.”

“[Courtney] and her husband, James, who have three kids, recently entered escrow on a five-bedroom, three-bath house in Vacaville, California, for $468,000. The couple expects to save $417 a month on their mortgage payment by using the Unison program.”


“The California company Unison is about 12 years old, but it’s brand new to the Valley. How does it work? ‘There’s no interest and there’s no payments to us, because it’s not debt. It’s actually an investment in the home,’ said Riccitelli. You don’t pay the money back until you sell or after 30 years, whichever comes first.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will need to check your credit as part of our qualification process. That typically occurs right after you submit an application but can sometimes occur sooner.
If you make improvements to your home that increase its value, like adding another bedroom or bathroom, you can apply for what is called a Remodeling Adjustment, which allocates 100 percent the value attributable to your home improvement project to you, so that we don’t share in that value.
That is a question we get a lot, in part because Unison’s programs are fairly new. The simple answer is: There is no catch. What you see is what you get. With Unison HomeBuyer we contribute part of the down payment to help you buy the home you want. With Unison HomeOwner we allow you to access your home equity without borrowing. You don’t pay us anything until you sell your home or buy us out.

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