Your alternative to a reverse mortgage
A reverse mortgage is no longer your only option. Now you can access your home equity without adding debt or experiencing high-interest monthly payments.
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    Supplement Retirement
    Fund Home Improvements
    Improve Financial Stability

    Equity Sharing Agreement Steps

    Steps of a home equity sharing agreement - now, in 30 years, and when you sell your home.

    Cash from your home

    Trade a portion of your equity for cash, then use your funds how you want – make home improvements, pay debt, or fund retirement.

    For 30 Years

    Live your life

    Create years of memories in your home, without monthly payments. Unison is your partner, here when you need us.

    When You Sell

    Share the appreciation

    When it’s time to sell, we’ll share in the change in your home’s value. We win when you win.

    "With relief from Unison, we were able to pay down debt and allow more time at home with our child"
    Hermitage, TN
    “We used the funds to maintain our retirement and pay down our mortgage debt. Thank you Unison!"
    Las Vegas, NV

    8.2 Billion invested home value

    $8.2 Billion

    the total value of homes we’ve invested in.

    As featured in

    “Unlike home-equity loans and cash-out refinancings, shared-equity contracts don’t add to the consumer’s outstanding debt.”

    “Their emphasis on equity as opposed to debt comes in a time when various pressures weigh on home buyers—from substantial student debt to lack of savings.”

    “It is called shared equity, and Unison, a company based in San Francisco, is the largest of a handful of firms putting it to work.”

    “Unison… is one of a handful of firms developing novel financial products aimed at helping buyers afford increasingly expensive homes”

    “Companies like Unison […] allow homeowners to tap the equity in their homes without taking out a loan; the investment company takes a share of growth in the home’s future value instead.”

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      Supplement Retirement
      Fund Home Improvements
      Increase Financial Stability