Easy for users, secure for the enterprise

Unison is simple to use, but also highly secure, with encryption, corporate controls and integration with your existing technologies like Active Directory and SSO.

SSO and Active Directory

Authenticate via Active Directory or use SSO, either on-premise via cloud SSO providers like Centrify, Okta and others.

On premise or cloud

Unison can be deployed however you prefer: via our secure cloud, in a private cloud environment, or on your premises.

Encryption end to end

Unison messages and rooms are securely encrypted from end to end with 128-bit or higher encryption.

Enterprise controls

Granular control over all rooms, people and content. Set up varying privileges and access rights via the administration panel.

Private, closed-loop

Rooms are private spaces and Unison members must be authenticated. This lowers the risk of email and other hacker intrusions.


Allows cross-company collaboration in a secure fashion. Outsiders see only the specific rooms where they were invited, so your content is safe.

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