Why Haven’t I Heard of Unison?

Here’s what people had to say after discovering Unison

Unison is an established company that has been headquartered in San Francisco since it was founded in 2004. We are growing quickly and expanding our footprint across the U.S. Currently, our programs are available to consumers in 13 states. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring greater flexibility and opportunity to homeowners across the country.

What is the press saying?

We’ve been reviewed by quite a few news publications, including the L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, ABC News, and Associated Press. These press outlets have been intrigued with the added flexibility and opportunity that Unison brings to the housing market.

“[Unison] is one of a handful of firms developing novel financial products aimed at helping buyers afford increasingly expensive homes now that the market has recovered from last decade’s housing bust.” Read More…

“Unison co-invests with prospective homebuyers — typically putting 10% down along with a bidder’s own 10%, helping them qualify for a standard 20% down home loan.” Read More…

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What are financial experts saying?

In addition to being mentioned in national news articles, Unison has also been reviewed by financial bloggers and other experts. We always appreciate them taking a detailed look at our programs and sharing the results with their audience.

  • “Unison aims to help more people afford to buy a home. Rather than giving you a loan, they invest alongside you in your home by matching up to half of your down payment. Unison calls this a “home ownership investment” program. Unison’s money is not debt and you don’t pay Unison interest.”

    Philip Taylor, PTMoney.com
  • “Unison offers home buyers a new option for obtaining a down payment. Here’s the best part: Unison does not provide loans. That means you won’t have to stretch your dollars even further to cover yet another monthly payment.”

    Greg Johnson, Club Thrifty
  • “Unison is comprised of a group of financial and real estate professionals who are dedicated to helping would-be homeowners get into home that they want and helping homeowners use the equity in their home — without an overwhelming mountain of debt. The idea for Unison is simple: they invest alongside you in your home. They act as a partner with you on your homeownership journey, whether you are looking to buy or already own a home.”

    Dinks Finance

What are our customers saying?

Our customers are often our best ambassadors. We’ve talked to so many of our customers and have enjoyed hearing how Unison helped them achieve their personal and financial goals. From helping a young couple buy their first home to helping a father pay off debt and remodel his house, Unison’s partnership has made a meaningful impact.

Rick Saved Money for His Kids’ Education While Buying the Home of His Dreams

“The major problem that [Unison] solved is that it reduced the monthly payment that we would have for the purchase of this home, which in turn provided more financial flexibility for us to commit towards our children’s education and other financial priorities that we have in our lives.”

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Brian and Kristine Leap the 20% Down Payment Hurdle

“The Unison HomeBuyer program enabled us to take out a mortgage with the conforming loan rates as well as avoiding the mortgage insurance that’s often a burden for home buyers. The program gave us the option and the flexibility to put 20% down comfortably.”

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Trevor and Lindsay Bought the Perfect Home for Their Family — and Their Finances

“I think it’s very fair that Unison’s not looking to take anything from me at the time of purchase. Instead, they’ve partnered with us to make an investment in our home, and then in the future they will share in either the increase or decrease in the home’s price… The fact that this isn’t going to add to our monthly payment is awesome.”

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Why partner with Unison?

  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Interest Payments
  • No Added Debt

What is a home ownership investment?

A home ownership investment is a partnership between a homeowner and an investor. Unlike a loan, there are no monthly payments and no interest charges. Instead, the investor shares in the future change in the value of the home alongside the homeowner.

With a home ownership investment, you can get the cash you need without cutting into your monthly budget. This means you have more financial flexibility to live life on your terms and accomplish your big life goals.

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