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Pre-qualifying will not affect your credit score

Looking to purchase a home?

Unison HomeBuyer typically provides half of the down payment funds you need. The money we provide is an investment, not a loan, so there are no interest charges and no monthly payments.

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Looking to access equity in your home?

Unison HomeOwner offers an innovative solution for people looking to access the equity in their homes. This is not a home equity loan - this is a home ownership investment.

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What is Unison HomeBuyer?

Unison typically contributes half of your down payment

By matching your down payment, Unison gives you flexibility and options not available through any other program.

Reduce your payments and avoid mortgage insurance

Unison Homebuyer can give you the benefits of having a 20% down payment. This means a smaller mortgage, smaller monthly payments, and no private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Purchase the home you really want

With increased purchasing power from Unison, you may be able to get into your dream home today. You'll have greater choice over commuting distance, school district and size and features of the home.

What is Unison HomeOwner?

Unison gives you up to 20% of the market value of your home

This money can be used for any purpose you wish. You can pay off debt, remodel your home, pay for a child's education - the choice is yours.

Enjoy no interest charges and no monthly payments

With Unison HomeOwner, you never have to worry about monthly payments, interest charges or changing interest rates.

When you decide to sell

We hope to earn a return on our investment by sharing in your home's appreciation when you sell. So when you win, we win. If the value of your home decreases, we will typically share a portion of the loss.

Pre-qualify in minutes

Pre-qualifying will not affect your credit score

Founded in 2004, Unison has made investments in residential real estate that is worth more than $300,000,000.

What people are saying:

"Unison HomeBuyer reduced the monthly payment that we would have for the purchase of this home, which in turn provided more financial flexibility for us to commit towards our children’s education and other financial priorities that we have in our lives."
San Diego, CA

See how Rick got his dream home in San Diego through Unison Homebuyer.

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