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A Unison co-investment in your home can turn into a launchpad for your business dreams. Access your home equity to fund a career change, become your own boss, or develop the next big thing – without giving up shares or taking on debt.
Bring your dream to life – debt-free.
You’ve got a big idea, a crucial service, or a side-hustle that’s ready for the limelight – don’t let a business loan put you in the red before you’ve even cut the ribbon. Tap into your home equity to fund your business with cash & avoid years of interest.
Estimated Home Value
This calculator is purely an estimate and assumes you take out the maximum co-investment available based on your estimated home value and does not factor in the 3% Transaction Fee due to Unison or other closing costs which reduce your net co-investment.
Use Unison to fund your business
Instead of a business loan
in monthly payments
and still have
cash left!

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