We're on to something big.

Our vision is to optimize home ownership

In alignment with both our homeowners and investors, we provide the missing products and expert advice that empowers our customers to best own a home or invest in the asset class of Residential Real Estate.

Our Values

Each month we honor team members who embody our values with the Tor Award to symbolize herculean efforts.


Practice Realistic Optimism

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails; the Realistic Optimist adjust their sails to the wind, expects it to change and keeps seeking the optimal course.

“She’s the glue to our structure, the fire to our grill, and an absolute treasure to work with!”

May Tor Award Winner
Lily Kwong


Demonstrate True Grit

We don’t shy away from doing the hard work, or taking the long road, if it’s the right thing to do to achieve our goals. We expect there to be formidable challenges and obstacles along the way. We believe in unyielding courage that springs from our noble purpose, and our ability to stay resilient in the unwavering pursuit of our vision.

“Beta works tirelessly to make Unison a better place to work. She innovates, ideates, and executes at a remarkable rate!”

March Tor Award Winner
Beta Colussi


Value Data and Insights

We shine the spotlight towards the person who provides the objectivity, the insights and the data to the conversation and away from the loudest voice or the extreme statements in the room. We seek and reward perspectives anchored in facts, analysis and logic when making decisions.

“Kurt gets things done, is output driven, and consistently applies ‘Value Data and Insights’ to anything he does.”

June Tor Award Winner
Kurt Hodges


In Unison, Together

We are here to succeed and we know that the results that will make a difference can only be achieved by pursuing growth and learning that comes from different perspectives, deep collaboration and teaming - led by exceptional and driven people. Great ideas that improve thinking and actions can come from anywhere.


See the Long Now

We’re building something big and important. Making the right decisions today that fuel our commitment and unify our efforts towards our near-term and long-term objectives are paramount for creating the impact we envision.

“Brandan works cross functionally with nearly everyone in the company. He has rolled out new processes and procedures and is a key pillar to Unison.”

February Tor Award Winner
Brandan Carlson
Diversity, equity and inclusion

Better, together

We are committed to doing the right thing. We are passionate about building and nurturing an inclusive workplace that promotes, respects and values the unique backgrounds and perspectives of our employees, customers and partners. We seek out and celebrate differences because they make us strong — they make us better.

Everyone has a home at Unison.

We are committed to advocating for our customers and communities through initiatives that promote fairness and transparency in homeownership.

As stewards to our investors, we are committed to providing equitable and responsible exposure to residential real estate.
How we practice inclusion


We hire, promote and engage people of all backgrounds.


We audit our products and investment guidelines for equity and fairness.


We contribute time and financial support to housing equity.

Our Benefits

Co-investment is what we do, and here’s our chance to invest in you. We offer more fulfilling time off, thorough health coverage, and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your life at work.

Time for what’s important

  • Generous PTO

  • Parental Leave

  • Volunteer Days

Your health is a priority

Developing You

  • $2K Yearly Learning Stipend

  • Monthly 1/2 Day Off for Development

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