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Unlock up to 17.5% of your home’s value for renovations.

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We help unlock your home’s equity in exchange for a portion of your home’s appreciation when you sell. No extra debt, no interest, no monthly payments. Plus, we share in the upside and the down. Because that’s true partnership.
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The math behind it

This is assuming that you will put down 12.5% of $50,000 for your down payment.

Average credit score to qualify


Debt-to-income to qualify


Monthly payments


Average interest rates


Unison HomeOwner

The math behind it

This is assuming that you will put down 12.5% of $50,000 for your down payment.

Average credit score to qualify


Debt to income to qualify


Monthly payments


Average interest rates


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A new baby meant it was go time.

The Cypher family used HomeOwner to remodel their home so they could live their dreams today.

HomeOwner Questions

We believe that if you make improvements to your home that change its value, you should get all the benefits. That’s why we use a tool called a Remodeling Adjustment.

To use the Remodeling Adjustment, you need to work with licensed contractors and fully document the project. We use an independent appraiser to determine how the work changed the value of your home, making sure you receive full benefits. It's always a good first step to reach out to our team when you're thinking about a project, as not all improvements add value. It’s important to note that the Remodeling Adjustment doesn’t apply to work done in the first five years of the agreement. Some programs may be subject to additional restrictions, which your Program Specialist will always inform you of.

Part of your agreement with Unison is to keep your home in good condition. We all know that if you fail to maintain your home, it will likely affect the value of your home when you sell. That’s why we have something called a Deferred Maintenance Adjustment. The Deferred Maintenance Adjustment allows Unison to determine how much value was lost to the home due to poor upkeep. We then can use that amount to adjust the final value of the home when we end our agreement.

Yes! Our goal is to give you as much flexibility as possible.

If after five years you decide to exit your agreement (AKA, request a special termination) with Unison before selling, we will use an independent third-party appraisal to determine the fair market value of your property at that time as though you had sold your home.

The biggest difference between selling your home and buying us out is that Unison won’t share in any loss in your home’s value when you buy us out.

Unison makes equity investments that are not loans. Rather than saddling our customers with more debt, we invest in their homes. Unlike a loan, we don’t have an interest rate or a guaranteed return. Instead, our investment means that we have a shared interest with our customers. If the home value goes up, we share in that when you sell or end our agreement. If the home value goes down, we also share in the loss.

No! The equity you build with your monthly payments belongs to you. We only share in the change in the value of the home over time. That fraction is determined based on the percentage of the home value you take from Unison at the beginning.

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