Your HELOC or Home Equity Loan Interest: Is It Tax Deductible?

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HELOC Home Equity Loan Interest Tax Deductible

Your home is an asset on your balance sheet, which can help boost your wealth. There’s only one problem. Real estate is an illiquid asset, meaning you can’t easily turn your home into cash. While selling is always an option, the process is usually slow, stressful, and comes with costs of its own. That doesn’t mean you can’t tap into …

The Home Safety Checklist

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Home Safety Checklist

When we buy a new home, we’re not often thinking about potential dangers or about something going wrong. Although it might not be as much fun as thinking about how you’re going to lay out your living room or where a future nursery might go, planning for home safety is one of the smartest things you can do as a …

5 Underappreciated Midwest Housing Markets

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The Chicago Tribune recently wrote about the 2018 Unison Home Affordability Report. Read an excerpt of the coverage below:  5 Underappreciated Midwest Housing Markets Often ignored or disparaged by those who only have eyes for coastal cities, the Midwest has some incredible cities with great job opportunities, thriving neighborhoods and affordable housing markets. Here are a few cities that millennials …

How to Get Approved for a Home Equity Loan

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How to Get Approved for a Home Equity Loan

How much of your home do you actually own? Depending on how much of a down payment you made when you bought your home and how much of your mortgage you’ve paid off, the amount of house that’s truly “yours” will vary. Both those factors, along with how much the house might have increased in value between when you bought …

Why Down Payments Are Often the Barrier to Homeownership for Millennials

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Millennials, the generation born from around 1980 through the mid-90s, have hit peak home-buying age. A 2017 report on generational home buying trends by the National Association of Realtors found that those under age 36 currently make up the largest share of home buyers (34%). Of that group, 66% are first-time homebuyers. Despite being the largest homebuying group by size, millennials …

What Are the Top 10 Things You Could Do with an Extra $400 Per Month?

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What can you do with an extra 400 dollars per momth

Everyone fantasizes about what they might do if they won the lottery—buy an apartment in Paris, never work again a day in their life, buy a basketball team—but what would you do if you found yourself with an extra $400 per month? Sure, you couldn’t do anything extravagant like put in a Starbucks in your backyard like actor Tyrese Gibson, …

Unison is Attending the 2018 NYC Real Estate Expo

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The 2018 NYC Real Estate Expo is an industry event that brings together top commercial and residential real estate professionals for a day of networking, panel discussions and exhibitions. Unison will be on site this year, with our CRO Bill Walker taking part on the panel, Residential Mortgage Lenders of 2018; A Comprehensive Lending Outlook. Moderated by industry leader E. …