Are There HELOC Alternatives?
Short answer? Yes! A HELOC is not necessarily a bad thing, and can be right for people in a certain situation. But it's important to know that there are alternatives out there.


Unison agreements are structured as option contracts, which allows you to sell us a future option for cash today. But it's important to learn about option contracts and understand the details!
The answer likely varies depending on your location and situation, but with the risk of wildfires becoming increasingly relevant, read on to learn about the most common recommendations.

Success Stories

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Ed needed to pay down overwhelming debt, but was cautious about taking on debt to pay off debt. He found Unison and d...

This Creative Couple Created Financial Security With Unison

Leslie and John weren't sure about their next move – between debt, renovations, and bills. With a home equity sharing...

This Tech Worker Became a Pizza Boss with Unison

Rick went from selling software to Fortune 1000 companies to slingin' pizza. Thanks in part to a Unison equity sharin...
Unison Process
Applying for a Unison Equity Sharing Agreement
Start your Unison journey with our seamless, straightforward application process. Discover how much cash you can unlock from your home and work with a Unison rep through every step.
Unison Process
Receiving Your Funds
Congratulations! Once you’ve accepted your offer and received your funds, it’s time to start planning your next big move – from paying down debt to starting a new business and beyond.
Unison Process
During Your Home Equity Sharing Agreement
Unison home equity sharing agreements are best-suited to long-term use cases, allowing you to make your house a home, create lifelong memories, and accrue a healthy appreciation in your home’s value.
Unison Process
Ending the Agreement
Ready to bring our partnership to an end? There are four ways in which your Unison Agreement can come to a close.