Putting Your Home Equity to Work
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Congratulations! Once you’ve accepted your offer and received your funds, it’s time to start planning your next big move – from paying down debt to supplementing your retirement income and beyond.

And once those funds are received, they are yours to spend or invest as you see fit. From paying down aggressive, overwhelming debts, to starting a new business with no loans required, or elevating the comfort of your retirement, your capital is yours to put to work! Here are some of the most common use cases for individuals and families who receive Unison equity sharing agreements:

Fund Your Retirement

Retirement is a major milestone. While many celebrate this time in life, it can also be a stressful occasion if your savings alone cannot accommodate your accustomed standard of living. The additional income provided by a Unison equity sharing agreement could empower you to settle into this stage of life with security, financial freedom, and the ability to truly live out your dreams.

Remodeling with Unison

With Unison, you can fund the renovations you’ve been dreaming of! More and more families are seeking to modify, expand, and improve their home – their way. Older homeowners can take advantage of “equity rich, cash poor” situations by using a Unison equity sharing agreement to make needed renovations to ensure their safety or transition to single story living, while keeping their best investment looking its best. Whatever the situation, home improvements are often a perfect investment, boosting the value of your home while increasing its livability for you, every day. Plus, after just three years of being in a Unison agreement, you’ll be eligible to apply for a remodeling adjustment.

Paying Off Debt With Unison

Between the overwhelming amount of monthly payments and the seemingly never-ending amount of interest accruing, debt can be a massive source of stress. For homeowners, it can be a difficult decision to part with even just a portion of the value of your home, but when facing significant debt, it can be a wise decision. Whether you’re faced with medical debt, student loans, or mounting credit card debt, being able to wipe the slate clean can be a huge relief – and with the amount saved on monthly interest payments, you’ll be the master of your own pocketbook once again.

Fund A Purchase With Unison

To quote ourselves from earlier – “your capital is yours to put to work”. Whether that means funding the trip of a lifetime, purchasing a summer home, or getting the keys to your dream car – we’re here to help you bring your bucket list to life. Alternatively, If you’ve identified a sound investment, Unison can help you jump on the opportunity before it’s gone, without needing to take out a loan.

Starting A Business With Unison

One of the biggest hurdles to starting a business is acquiring a loan or outside investment. An equity sharing agreement with no monthly payments can eliminate stress, allow you to focus on running your business, and ensure that you’ll never have to compromise on your vision. Many of our homeowners have sought out a career change in recent years, and starting a successful business can pay off in a major way.

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