Director of the Home Partnership Team speaks about the "Unison Difference"
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By Jia Taylor, Content Marketing Lead

Unison is redefining how homeowners access their home equity, by helping them unlock their equity without taking on additional debt. On this episode of Weaver: Beyond the Numbers Real Estate Podcast Theo Haugen, Director of the Home Partnership Team at Unison, sits down with hosts Rob Nowak, Partner, Tax Services at Weaver and Howard Altshuler, Partner-in-Charge, Real Estate Services at Weaver to discuss Unison’s unique homeowner partnership.

“If we can do things to help the homeowner achieve their financial goals, avoid more [housing-related debt], make better renovation decisions, and eventually sell their home for more money, they’re going to make more money, we’re going to make more money and our investors are too.” Haugen says. “We succeed when the homeowner succeeds as well.”

Haugen says unlike traditional financial services that offer loans, Unison is not a lender but, rather, invests along with homeowners, providing upfront financing. In return, it shares in the future gain or loss when the homeowner decides to sell*.

In this true partnership, Unison provides homeowners with access to funds and the freedom to use the cash payment however they choose – like consolidating debt, paying off a credit card or unexpected expenses, like medical emergencies – in order to meet their financial goals.

Dive deeper into Theo Haugen’s interview and learn more about how Unison provides homeowners with debt-free access to their home equity by viewing the video below, or by listening on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

* Unison will not share in any decrease in value if the homeowner sells the home within five years of our investment. In addition, if the homeowner does not properly maintain the condition of the home and it results in a significant decrease in the home’s market value, Unison reserves the right to offset the decrease in value with a commensurate upward adjustment.

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