What Is Unison?
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Welcome to Unison, Together You Can.
Home equity sharing is based on a straightforward yet radical idea: with a partner in home ownership, you can go further than you can go alone.

Welcome to Unison, the world’s first home equity sharing company. So what is home equity sharing? In short, it’s a smarter and better way to buy and own your home. One that results in less debt and more control for everyday people like you and me.

What is home equity sharing?
Home equity sharing allows you to access financial freedom and flexibility by leveraging the future equity your home will create. In plain English, we measure the likelihood of a home to appreciate over time. If your home is predicted to go up in value and meets our other investment criteria, we will invest in it with you. We will give you up to 15% of the total value on your existing home. This is not a loan and there is no monthly payment. You can pay us back at any time for up to 30 years. Then, when you sell your home, we take a percentage of the increase of its value. And if the home value goes down, we share in the loss up to the amount of our original investment, unless you sell within the first five years.

Why do we need it?
Today, the cost of housing is growing faster than wages. The result is that more Americans than ever before either feel locked out of buying their dream home or forever trapped in the expression, ‘house rich, cash poor,’ and unable to live the lives they want. So, whether it’s sending your kids to the best college, buying a home in a better neighborhood, getting out from under medical debt or renovating your home, Unison allows you to unlock the future equity your home will create in the future to live your dream life today.

Just as collaborative consumption leaders like Uber and Airbnb disrupted transportation and hospitality, so, too, does Unison strive to leverage our homeowner partnerships to create an entirely new home equity sharing category. Our primary goal: to meet the growing needs of the homeowner, and establish a model where you don’t have to rely on debt-only solutions or impersonal banks, but can instead partner with a company who is truly in it with you. When you win, we win.

That is why we are proud to live by the phrase “Together, You Can.” It is a simple but poignant expression to help people understand that there is a new way to think about owning their home and living their lives. Together, you can own the home you really want. Together, you can find the money in your house to rebuild, pay bills or use for other things. Together, you can live your dreams.

Together, You Can.

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Unison agreements are structured as option contracts, which allows you to sell us a future option for cash today. But it's important to learn about option contracts and understand the details.