A New Way to Access the Equity in Your Home

An appealing alternative to a traditional home equity loan or HELOC

  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Interest Payments
  • No Added Debt
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Pre-qualifying will not affect your credit score


How Unison HomeOwner Works

Unison HomeOwner can provide you with a substantial cash payment today. The money you receive can be used for any purpose – to pay off debt, remodel your home, pay school tuition, invest for retirement, or as a cash cushion for financial stability.

You can use the money for up to 30 years with no interest charges and no monthly payments of any kind. Unison hopes to earn a return on investment by sharing in a portion of the change in value of your home at the time you sell it.

We are investing alongside you. As partners, if your home increases in value we both profit. If your home decreases in value, we typically share a portion of the loss.

Accessing the Cash in Your Home - Step by Step:


Step 1

Pre-Qualify in minutes

Answer a few quick questions about your home and current finances and we'll know right away if we can help. Totally free, and takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2

Unison makes an offer to invest alongside you

After the pre-qualification process we will ask you to complete a full application, along with providing all needed documentation. At that point, we can give you an estimate of the amount of money we can provide, pending the home evaluation.

Step 3

Unison evaluates your home

The final step before funding is a home appraisal. An independent, licensed home appraiser will prepare a report that determines the current value of your home. Once completed, we provide a formal offer.

Step 4

Unison puts money in your pocket

Now the good part! Unison provides you cash, in some cases up to 20% of your home's value.

When you decide to sell your home:

If your home has gone up in value

We Both Win

We share in the appreciation.

If your home has gone down in value

We Both Lose

We typically share in the loss

Get Pre-Qualifed in Minutes

Pre-qualifying will not affect your credit score

Access the money locked in your home.

We invest in your home alongside you, providing you with up to 20% of the current market value of your home. You make no monthly payments to us. Instead, we hope to earn a return on our investment by sharing in the appreciation when you sell your home – up to 30 years in the future.


What people are saying

"Unison HomeOwner was a wonderful tool for me to be able to have money to put back into my home without having extra payments, at a time when I needed it."

Shelly W.

Seattle WA


Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre-qualifying will not affect your credit score

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